Untrim Polysurface

Hi , I need often to untrim polysurfaces to remove holes only. I can obtain it easely with surfaces, but it is possible to create a command to do this with polysurface?

thank you

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UntrimHoles should work on a polysurface, one face at a time. What I see in your object is that the holes cross surface edge boundaries. In that case, they are no longer considered as “holes” as they are a part of the surface’s outer edge (even if it is joined to another). As far as I know, there is no real easy remedy for this… What you have to do will vary from case to case, but there will be some extracting/untrimming/re-trimming involved…


Yes , I know, generally I rebuild the surfaces but I think that programmers can easy make a command that automatize the process to rebuild and re-trim surfaces and join together to make the initial clean polysurface. I think might be feasible only for “holes” (part of the surface’s outer edge…) in polysurface as my picture.

Hi Paolo

Try the _DeleteHole command that should work in these cases.


Unfortunately does not work in my case, but only for holes inside a single surface.


it would be fantastic and a huge improvement, if the “untrim” command would work on polysurfaces, by combining the information of joined surface edges and (keep) “trim objects” automatically.
For example, if I want to remove a feature that intersect polysurfaces.
The Selection of the polysurface edges could work automatically like the AutoChain in „BlendSrf“ selecting all curve segments connected.

many thanks and best regards

defeature.pdf (1.6 MB)

Thanks for the detailed steps - indeed, that would be a nice thing.



So it’s almost 7 years after the initial thread was posted… and it doesn’t seem to be implemented yet.

How old are the features that McNeel are currently working on? :slight_smile:


ranting does not accelerate it, i have noticed many people being interested with fierce repeated and brutally cheeky requests of the same kind get heard after 3-4 years suddenly or more… without big bells. otherwise you are out of luck waiting for that girl to fit your glas shoe on.

Mc Neel needs at least 2-3 more people in the development… people which are not easy to find as they have claimed in some thread. if you are skilled and compassionated, maybe just send your cv :smiley: