Bug with complex surface

Hi everyone, so I have search but I can’t seem to find any answer to my problem so I will post it here:

I have a problem with a complex simple trimmed surface that represents roads in a city, I have some “holes” that appears in my surface and I can’t patch them or anything else, if someone has a solution that would be awesome !!

Here some pictures:

Ps : the surface is huge, I can’t untrim it it doesn’t work…

Hello - what does the Check command say about the object?


First thank you for answering so fast,
Then it says everything is fine

I have decided to transform it in a mesh, so it kind of work, but if you think about a solution to keep a surface it would be welcome !

Hello - can you please post a file with just the problematic surface?


Sure, here it is file.rar (7.5 MB)

I had to compress it because of size

Hello - as far as I can see Untrim works fine on this surface.


Yes, you are right but I don’t know what to do after the untrim, when I rebuild the cutting curve, or explode join, it becomes worse than before…

Hello - yeah some of the trims are messy - they have self-intersections for example-

I would DupBorder, SelSelfIntersectingCrv and Isolate then see if you can see where the problems are and fix them. The IntersectSelf command will help you locate these - you may need to look vary closely to see the problems.


Oh thank you!! I didn’t think about that it’s my fault I did some offset curves I thouht I had checked all of this self intersecting curves…

Thank you for your answers Pascal !!

Have a good day

Ps I didn’t know the SelSelfIntersecting tool …

Try typing SelSelfIntersectingCrv in the command window.