Unsaved Definitions

Is there a temp folder or temporary autosave files for unsaved gh. files ?

Nope, autosave files are stored by filename hash, and unsaved files do not have a filename. That’s something to be improved upon in future versions, but until then, there’s no safety net unless you save your files first.

I have written a minimum version to automatically save new documents in the auto save folder in order to have activated the gh auto save always. It generates a document in that folder called unnamed, but it’s irrelevant, the important thing is that it activates the auto save as with any saved document.
I’m not sure where this can be broken, but it makes me feel safer because has been working well for me lately.

AutoSavePlus.gha (10 KB)


Thanks for the reply david :slight_smile:

Awesome !! Thanks Dani. Lost so many of my files because of this issue i’ve lost count !