Grasshoper crash recovery file?

Rhino V6 crashed on me hard. I think snapshots caused my computer to freak out. It was taking longer and longer to save/retrieve snapshots. Then my computer bluescreened.

After restart and relaunch rhino I recover the last bits of work in Rhino, but not in Grasshopper. Doesn’t Grasshopper have also a crash-dump file that I can recover?



I don’t know if GH has a crash-dump file as such, as depending on your settings GH autosaves after everytime you plug a new component in. Those Autosave files can be found here (Just replace the Matt with your username):


Look at the date/time to find which file you where using when it crashed as they don’t have matching file names like Rhino. (In GH for V5 this was the case). Also i found it helpful to copy autosave files to another location before opening them so if i get an error on opening i still have the originals.