Proposing an additional feature for Rhino (and Grasshopper)

Dear Comunity,

I was wondering, why not develop cloud storage for Rhino users; to provide a Cloud-Autosaving possibility?

Rhino or Grasshopper?

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Both. But since Grasshopper crushes more easily, maybe it can be considered a more important feature for it.

Can i ask how regular autosave is not protecting you from losing data after a crash?

Every time I forget to save the document as a named file… i.e. if I am working on and GH crashes then there doesn’t seem to be an autosaved document.

I think I may have a solution to this problem though :slight_smile:

How does this request improve on existing services like DropBox, Google drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple cloud…?


There’s no need for a cloud to be involved, autosaving unnamed files is something which can be added to the current system.

yes I agree there is no need for a cloud solution … If I just remember to save the gh file 2mins after I start I wouldn’t have a problem! But I always end up 60 mins in and graft something that ends up in a crash!

I got in the habbit of saving the file right when you start. Requesting auto-cloudsaving and all the resources that go into it just because you forget to save is pretty far out.

Also there are recovery files that are saved and in 99% of cases after a crash you get back the state you were in just before. Of course I think you also only get those if you have saved your file at least once.

What I think would be much better were a more reliable way to stop Grasshopper when it hangs. I agree that to get Grasshopper to hang in such a way that using task manager to force quit Rhino is super easy, especially when you start using plugins. In virtually all cases there is no other way to get GH to “come back” or stop doing what it is doing. The timer block, pressing ESC, etc. basically never works.

As I am typing this I have GH hung and if I keep pressing ESC I get the abort Icon on the GH canvas, but if you have it up and press ESC again it cancels it. So you have to press ESC repeatedly, since it only seems to register the ESC key at certain points and since there is a delay it always disappears again. Could we please remove that? Whats the point of aborting with ESC, but you can also abort the abort with the same key!? that makes no sense…

@DavidRutten are there plans to have some more reliable ways to stop GH calculating or force it to stop in GH2?

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Yes, gh2 runs solutions on background threads, so even if a solution is running and you can’t stop it, the interface will still remain live.

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Saving lives from 2018-Jun-11 :slight_smile:


My life is complete now.

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