UnrollSrfUV, squish, smash

Which is better for reproduction of element in real life in metal sheet (laser cutting and bending or other forming)? UnrollSrfUV, squish or smash? They give different results.

unroll_squish_smash.3dm (195.7 KB)

None of them are correct. They don’t consider Material deformation and other Material related properties. When it comes to flatten a shape, a commerical Rhino plugin named ‘Excatflat’ does it quite well. Still its not perfect, just saying this topic is much more complex as someone would expect at first. In the end its also a bit of trying.

@TomTom ExactFlat may be beyond the financial capabilities of some users. I don’t know the price but given that they now have a financing partner I assume it is not inexpensive.

Have you investigated Squish? It has a number of input parameters which control how deformation occurs. Presumably these parameters could be selected and tuned to improve the agreement of the results with physical reality. http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/commands/squish.htm

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