Hulk Smash

k here’s a question.
you have at least 4 commands which flatten a srf

unrollsrf - which flattens the input in one linear direction
unrollsrfUV - which flattens the input but preserves the U & V so say, you’re flowing text onto a shank or something, it means flowalongsrf is going to work bettre
and Squish.

Now, I understand why you would use unrollsrfUV - I also read the similar post where Pascal says … ’ Squish is designed to unroll somewhat double curved surfaces - like steel plates for a ship hull for example. It has some settings for taking into account stretch and compression. It works off of the render mesh of the object (and works on meshes).

In what practical cases are using the other commands preferable? Are there any flattening commands that I am missing on this list? Looking for input from anyone in any field.

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