Smash VS Squish

Dear All

I am exploring the difference between Smash and Squish.
Whilst I am aware that both are used for flatten undevelopable surfaces, however their results are somewhat different as you may like to see in the attached image.
Could anyone be so kind to point me to the light as to what their difference are please?

Many thanks !


Read through this wiki page if you haven’t already…

great resource, but the images are broken. :frowning:

Are these the images you aren’t seeing? They load here…

hmm, i just restarted chrome and they showed up. sorry

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I think Squish is the actual part rolled out, If you wanted to form it out of a flat sheet of material.
The other would the outline look down from a top view.
I may be wrong though.

Squish does tend to unroll parts, but if the part is a developable surface then the results from UnrollSrf will usually be more accurate.

Smash is not simply “the outline look down from a top view”. ProjectToCplane provides that function.

Smash appears to be a version of UnrollSrf without constraints to keep from unrolling non-developable surfaces.

Smash is an old version of UnrollSrf that when it was replaced, turned out to have been handy for some workflows so was re-born under the new name.


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