UnrollSrf says it has unrolled my surface, but there's no result

I’m having a problem with UnrollSrf that I can’t find mentioned on this forum. I created 6 surfaces in the same revolve command, then trimmed some holes in them (also using one command). Two commands created these 6 objects. When I use the UnrollSrf command on them, I get the same command line response (“One Surface Unrolled”), however only three of the attempts actually produce a result. I’ve attached a file to take a look at with a surface that is unrolling and one that is not producing a result: Unroll objects.3dm (1.7 MB)

I’ve tinkered with my tolerances, but couldn’t get that to help. I’ve used UnrollSrf many times in the past and never had this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Strange. If I rebuild the surfaces to be degree 3 (instead of 2 and tweaked the point count to minimize shape change), they unroll as expected.

I’ll keep digging.

I’ve sent it off to the developer to take a look. It seems to me it should work.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi leosaul, this is an old bug which happens with UnrollSrf and Smash, if you just Flip the surface direction of the larger surface, UnrollSrf works. Funny thing (@John_Brock), the smaller surface then unrolls fine without doing any change on it :smile:


I added a link to this discussion thread in the Bug item. I expect Lowell will look at it when he gets to that item.

Thanks, @clement! I will give it a flip.