Unrollsrf problem


I have mirror a part but when I unrollsrf it I get different results.
It is a trimmed and shrinked surface and after that I mirror the part

I did units settings with different numbers


Hi Edward - I see this, thanks. (It looks like it should be possoible to get cleaner dev srfs, to me, but I do see the different unrolls, I’ll get this on the list.



it is a trimmed surface I worked on it a long time to get it and I don’t want to share it on the internet because it is populair boat (shape) here in holland.
If the surface is untrimmed it is 0,02% bigger after unroll
thank you, but if there is someone else who know to solve this I would be very happy.


Hi Edward - @E.O.Stam please remove the file from your post above - this is a public forum. Please send confidential files via tech@mcneel.com

If you run the Dir command > SwapUV on the mirrored surface, or Flip the surface, so that the U, V and N on the surface match the natural directions, unrolling likes it better.

RH-74157 UnrollSrf- messy on mirrored copy