Bug in unroll srf

I can’t get unroll srf to work it mirror inverts everything.
Also Unroll surface produced wrong results on objects that were trimmed, in that case it ignores the trim and extends the curves as if the surface was not trimmed. I had to shrink trimmed surface to get around this.
Here’s a file, pretty simple but rhino one won’t give correct results on a trimmed surface and it constantly inverts the placement contrary to the labels.

unrollsrfProblem.3dm (255.2 KB)

Argh who changed this from V5 step into my office. I see I have to set auto adjust to get unroll srf to work as expected. I’m used to the V5 behavior.
False alarm but glad I figured it out I have a ton of these to do. Somehow that should be set to default why would you want to not get this behavior?