[BUG?] UnrollSrf not working with surfaces with singularities

Hi everyone!,

I just found that unrolling surfaces with singularities doesn’t work very well in Rhino (RH5 and last WIP). Surfaces are both created using loft (straight segments mode) between a couple of curves. In the trimmed case I approximated the rails;even not being exact, is inside tolerances, but it could be great to be able to unroll surfaces with 3 edges.

The warning capture is for the 3 edged surface.



UnrollSrf works for me on developable three sided surfaces such as 3sideunrollDC01.3dm (51.7 KB)

Not all lofted surfaces with straight sections are developable. Can you upload your .3dm flle here.

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@davidcockey error found, the points at the tip were not perfectly coincident. Using SetPt on them fixed the problem.