Unrollsrf problems

I am trying to do an exercise where a i make a curve, extrude the curve into a surface(or extrusion), unroll the surface, ‘draw’ on the surface, apply the new flat surface with drawings back onto the original surface. Than unroll it again. I keep getting unpredictable results - I am missing something. I have tried unrollsrfuv, applysrf, flow etc.
Can anyone help?

Use Create UV Curves and Apply UV Curves (Curve (menu*)>Curve from objects>**)*

Type CreateUVCrv or ApplyCrv then hit F1 for a description in Help…

Hi John - UnrollSrf, place your new curves on the unolled surface, CreateUVCurves from the unrolled surface and the new curves, then take the result and ApplyCrv to the original 3d surface, including the outer UV rectangle…

ApplyCrv.3dm (42.0 KB)


You are on the right track and Fred_C is correct that you want to use Create and apply UVCurve. However the order in which you do it is important:

  1. Unroll developable srf
  2. Draw your stuff onto the unrolled srf
  3. Select the unrolled srf and “CreateUVCrv”, and when prompted select the stuff you drew
  4. Select all of the UVCrv stuff including the UV rectangle.
    5 ApplyCrv

HTH, Steve

Snap. Simultaneous posting (Hi Pascal)

Awesome, thank you. I got that to work. I don’t quite understand why - but I am on the right path.