Unroll curves?

Hey guys,
I was wondering if there was a way to unroll curves the same way that you can unroll a surface?

Isn’t an unrolled curve just a straight line with the same length?

Not necessarily straight. Think of a series of curves on a curved surface, kinda like unrolling a line drawing logo from a Coke can.

If you have the surface and the curves you can use the CreateUVCrv command.


Close! The curves just aren’t part of the surface, they are projected onto it and need to be unrolled along with the surface.

Is this command what are you looking for?

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CreateUVCrv should do that as wim suggested. It depends on what kind of surface it’s drawn on as to whether it’s accurate…

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UnrollSrf (see link in Nosorozec’s post above) unrolls curves on a surface which is unrolled. The surface has to capable of being unrolled, ie developable.

  • UnrollSrf
  • select surfaces to be unrolled
  • Enter
  • select curves to be unrolled
  • Enter
  • Delete the unrolled surface if you don’t want it

Or do you want to flatten curves on a non-developable surface?

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