Create UV curves VS unroll surface issue


Hi there, I was watching a turtorial where they created UV curves from a surface, then applied them back to the surface.
Thought it was pretty nifty, unfortunately the model I wanted to do this with was hexagonal in shape, so when it prompted me to select the surface, it would only select a section of the hexagon, rather than the whole surface. Now I could get the desired starting point using the “unroll surface” comand, but then how to apply it back to the original surface?
Am i right in assuming the create UV command only works with a continuous curved surface? Or is there a way to make the command read several sections of a hexagonal shape as the one surface (yes I did try joining them, but it would only select just one section :/)

(Brian James) #2

Hi John,

Without seeing the file I could be misinterpreting the geometry from your description but I think you have a polysrf made from a bunch of hexagonal trimmed planar srfs. If so, the ExtractIsocurve command will only be able to extract an isocurve from one surface at a time. The command works on surface domains and a polysrf is going to have more than one. The UV directions may or may not line up across your hexagons. You can extract one though and use Extend to lengthen it. Then Project or Pull to get the curve onto the polysrf. Project uses the Cplane normal and Pull will use the srf normal(s).

Please post a file if this doesn’t help.