2d drawing on unrolled surface back to 3d surface


i unrolled a developable surface and draw some stuff on it and tried to bring the curves back onto the original surface with flow along surface, but the result is not fitting.

i know there is a technique which does exactly what i want, but i cannot rember which. i tried squish but this is also not working for me.


Try ApplyCrv.

ApplyCrv is nearly right. there’s one more step to make this work.

  1. Unroll developable srf
  2. Draw your stuff onto the unrolled srf
  3. Select the unrolled srf and “CreateUVCrv”, and when prompted select the stuff you drew
  4. Select all of the UVCrv stuff including the UV rectangle
    5 ApplyCrv

Yeah I know, not intuitive, but it works :wink:

hi Steve,

works like a charm! =)


How can I do this in rhinocommon for .net