Unrollsrf is exploding my single surface when it shouldn't

I have a 3D surface created from curves that cannot be exploded due to being a single curve segment. The surface can therefore not be exploded.
When using the ‘Unrollsrf’ tool it unrolls the surface but this surface can then be exploded which in my experience shouldn’t happen due to the construction of the surface.
Unrollsrf Error.3dm (76.5 KB) I have attached a file to show the surfaces and curves used.

Hmm, your curves have produced a surface that has two multiple knots - they are places where the surface is only tangent continuous internally, not curvature continuous. The Unroller splits the surface at these points. You can see this if you run DivideAlongCreases, set SplitAtTangents=Yes, then select the surface, it will split into the same 3 parts.

You can alleviate this by running RemoveMultiKnot on the surface before unrolling. The surface will then unroll as one piece. However there will be a slight change at the former tangent areas in the original surface when you do this.

Another way is to just use MergeAllFaces on the unrolled polysurface.

Awesome, that has solved the problem!

It was just how I have never seen this before even though I build lots of clean surfaces.

Thank you for helping!