Unroll surface not working

I tried to unroll this surface. It does not work
top plate.3dm (184.8 KB)

Hi Emmanuel -

The following information is printed to the command line:

At least one surface you are trying to unroll is not developable because it is doubly curved.
If you want to unroll it anyway, try using the Smash command or adjust the relative tolerance on the UnrollSrf commandline.
Unrolling doubly curved surfaces will produce inaccurate results.


Have you tried the Sqish command? Works fine here. I duplicated the border, exploded, deleted one side, un trimmed and then used the duped border to trim the hole in the centre. Conversely, you could explode and then run squish on each part but the centre seam likely won’t line up unless you intend for it to be a join of some sort. There is always give and take in flattening surfaces with compound curvature so you may have to experiment with the parameters within the Squish command.