Unroll Surface problem


I want to unroll some simple Surfaces in the right scale. I’m using unroll surface uv to get the surface but in this case its 16.83% smaller. Is there a way to get a surface like that in 1:1 scale?

Cup.3dm (1.1 MB)

Either make a conical cup or segment the curvature so the cup is made from single curvature surfaces only…

As Martin told you, Double curvature surface aren’t so simple.
You can try other commands to flatten your surfaces but the result can’t be 1:1
I suggest to Look into Rhino help for commands like Squish or Smash

From Smash Rhino Help:
“Since it is not possible to flatten a double-curved object (like a half a coconut shell) to get a paper pattern, the answer is always inaccurate to some degree. This command is useful if the object you are flattening is not extremely curved and you want to make the pattern out of a stretchy material like rubber.”

I just tried to segment the curve and its still innacurate(1-8% smaller).
I already tried Squish and Smash and the results were similar to unroll surface.
Maybe i need to try more segments. Under 5% should be fine.
Thanks for the help @martinsiegrist @lucio_zadra

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The segments would have to be linear.

This is the best result i got. Around 1-3% smaller.