Unroller bug?


(Laurent Delrieu) #1

I found a little problem with Unroller class.
If I write that everything is working well

Unroller unroll = new Unroller(brep);
unroll.ExplodeOutput = false;
Curve[] crvs;
Point3d[] pts;
TextDot[] tDots;
Brep[] breps = unroll.PerformUnroll(out crvs, out pts, out tDots);
A = breps;

But if I write that, there is no output in breps ? The number of unrolled breps is OK.

Unroller unroll = new Unroller(brep);
unroll.ExplodeOutput = false;
List breps = new List();
int num = unroll.PerformUnroll(breps);
A = breps;
B = num;

Does I miss something ?

Here a GH script showing the problem
unroller_bug.gh (86.2 KB)

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(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @laurent_delrieu,

I believe what you are seeing is just how the List component reports Breps with a single face.

– Dale

(Laurent Delrieu) #3

I don’t understand. The list is empty and the method indicates that 67 faces were flattened.
There are 67 faces in the array.

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi @laurent_delrieu,

Ah yes - thanks for pointing that out.


– Dale