Incomplete Unroll


I’m automating unrolling a surface through the scripted command UnrollSrf
However I run into issues with surfaces not unrolling with all curves on that surface.
With higher tolerances (way beyond the curves deviation from the surface) the UnrollSrf does catch all the curves yet the unroll result is deformed beyond usability.

incomplete_Unroll.3dm (982.5 KB)

Can anyone enlighten me if this is a bug, an issue with the input geometry or something else.
How would I go about analyzing possible issues with the input breps to catch possible problematic geometry early in the process?

UnrollsrfUV/Smash does unroll with all curves regardless the small tolerance, yet I suppose that command is not to be trusted for accurate unrolling.
In V6 WIP, the unroll is successful, however we are not yet ready to fully port critical projects to V6.


@thomas84 FYI

Hi Willem - off hand this looks like a bug to me. I’ll test some more and add it to the pile.