Unroller method very easy to lose TextDot

I want to unroll some breps ,and follow some TextDot ,but the result often lost any TextDot,but _UnrollSrf command not !!

I’m assuming this is a scripting question since you mention breps. Perhaps you can post a code sample plus a file where a dot consistently fails to be produced where it should…

Just normal code .Losing TextDot is an occasional occurrence.It’s a big headache.Don’t know how to get to the root of the problem. TextDot is pulled to brep.

            Unroller unroller = new Unroller(brep);
            unroller.AbsoluteTolerance = doc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance;
            unroller.RelativeTolerance = doc.ModelAbsoluteTolerance;
            unroller.ExplodeOutput = false;


            Curve[] followCurves;
            Point3d[] followPoints;
            TextDot[] followTextDot;
            Brep[] unrolleredBreps = unroller.PerformUnroll(out followCurves, out followPoints, out followTextDot);

If it can’t be reproduced consistently, then it’s going to be hard to track down. If it can, then they will need the full code plus the example Rhino file to run it on to debug.


Could this be related to this issue?

You could try and unroll again with just the missing dots as followers
If they do come out that second time the above bug appears not to be fixed


Thanks a lot .
I was very confused why the _UnrollSrf command can do it well .In the same case, the _UnrollSrf command doesn’t lose any objects.
I just think the class of unroller should have the same result.