Unroll Surface with texture


I’m having some issues with the unrolling command in rhino. I need to unroll a curved surface keeping the texture with the exact same position as it was before unrolling. I need it to make some detail drawings for fabrication purpose.

In the picture I show the effect of the unroll surface using the option “keep properties”, but that’s the result.

I mapped the model using unwrap, because I had to keep the texture continuos in 3 sides of the model.

Can someone help me?

No one knows about this problem?

The unrollsrf will change the UV coordinates so I guess is not an option. Perhaps working with mapping tools and Unwrap in both shapes.

Hello Diego, thanks for your answer! The problem is that I should keep the texture in the same position and the same scale in order to send it for fabrication…Unwrapping the model means changing the texture mapping. I need a way to unroll the surface keeping the texture and I’m not finding this way… I hope I don’t have to do it manually because there could be errors