"UnRoll Srf" is not unrolling

why does the command “Unroll Srf” affect the numbers of degrees. I have the problem to get 1 degree in V direction when i m using the unroll command and so my surface is totaly strait in one direction. so the diviation of this surface is way to big.

someone knows why? or how to change?


Can you post an example?



In this case its not such a problem because the one degree side is really small , but why it is doing this anyway. a big problem it is when its the other way round

i want to have the same number of degrees!

Keep in mind that the unrolling is for generating 2d shapes, and is not designed to do anything one way or another with the surface structure. Can you tell us what it is you are trying to accomplish?

You can try UnrollSrfUV and see if that gets you anything more useful.


what i mean is that the option unroll is not really unroll the surfaces or i dont know how to do it. for me it seams that it is just a approximation and i lose my degree in one of the directions. but why …and how i can controll that.

Well, the idea is to get the right 2d shape (for cutting for example), not necessarily return a surface that is structurally the same as the input. UnrollSrfUV will keep U and V directions and parameterization however. Why do you care if the result has the same structure, by the way- what are you trying to do with it?

i dont need the same structure although it would be nice to control that, anyway the adge “2” and “0” is totaly strait cause of the 1 degree in this direction. i tested the UnrollSrfUV but in the mode “natural” its not working … and in U or V direction it just unroll in one direction.

unrolling_08.3dm (71.7 KB)

OK, I see what you are getting at with this file (though it is not degree 1 in any direction) I’d make a trimmed version of this shape as in the attached.
unrolling_08_PG.3dm (122.1 KB)


ah ok. i see what you did. in this example it could be a solution, but i need to keep a non trimmed surface. So ther is no way to unroll “real” surfaces?