Unroll BRep

Hi all,

I am having problems unrolling this specific surface (surface 1).

And surface 2 is not unrolling at all. I have created both surfaces using ruled surface and two interpolated splines.

Any help is appreciated, thank you

unroll brep.gh (11.1 KB)


I think you’re using this component wrong, you can’t unroll surface. Brep Unroll.



I don’t really see any difference between what you have shown and what I have done.

I have also used the component to unroll several surfaces properly. It is simply using the Rhinocommon repository to unroll.

Hope someone else joins this thread and gives better solution.

Sorry if that came off as rude, I didn’t mean to offend you. Just that I don’t see any difference other than the fact that you have used a brep and I have used a surface

Not at all my friend :heart_eyes:

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