Unresolved Layout Export to PDF

Relatively new to Rhino here. Using evaluation version for Mac (coming from AutoCAD). For context, I have a spreadsheet of dimensions for about 400 items which will be drawn on separate layers through a Python script and viewed through layout details.

The problem is in exporting these layouts to PDF. I have seen this issue raised before but none of the solutions have worked out. The script that invokes Rhino.FileIO.FilePdf.Create() is not supported on Mac (I believe), and other approaches summon a dialog printing box which I am not able to handle.

If anyone has some ideas on this or could point me in some direction I’d be very grateful.

Hi @grainenergy,

For PDF support in Rhinocommon, you’ll need the Rhino 6 for Mac WIP (Work-In-Progress).


– Dale

Will give it a go. Thanks for taking the time @dale