Topics are not considered read

All day now I’ve been running into threads that refuse to disappear off of the “Unread” topics list. They show gray and perpetually populate the unread list :weary:

I’ve set a few of them to “Normal” instead of “Tracking” to get rid of them but this is becoming unmanageable…
The “Linking views” topic in that picture is mine and it shows as 3 unread in gray but as far as I can see there isn’t any reply to that topic at all…

Yep… Same here. --Mitch

My guess is that last post is a whisper (hidden)

@sam we have been testing whisper on only a few posts. Not any of those as near as I can tell.

BTW, do we have something set up wrong. I don’t seem to get any notification for new whisper posts on categories that I’m following.

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WTH are “whisper posts” ? (and why do we need them…?)

All I know is that I now have seven “stuck” posts that are continuously marked unread.


Yea, I’m wondering about that myself and seeing that people are involved in threads but I cannot see their posts.

At the moment I’ve come this far with whispers:

Yes, same problem here…


Apologies, I just updated the site, is it all working normally now?

We need to refine the whisper feature, it is a bit rough.

Not on this side.

These 4 threads remain on my Unread list (and I did manually “normalize” a few threads when this problem started).

my whisper suspicion is confirmed then, looks like those topics have whispers as the last post.

we need to figure out a way of dealing with this but it may mean carrying an extra “highest post number” for mods vs regular users.

Hi Sam.

In addition: it seems whispers are counted in the number of replies listed publicly. This post is an example:



It’s always these same 6 posts:

I guess I don’t understand the need for this feature in the context of this particular forum, given that we already have private messaging and flagging… But whatever…


I see that it’s beneficial for sending private or sensitive data, there is no hassle with a new thread in private messages.
Reading through the topic Sam linked, I can see the benefits.


Hi Sam ( and @stevebaer I guess?)
Any news on this? It’s a pita to be clicking on the same topics over and over because they keep popping up in my feed.


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@BrianJ, I suppose it’s none of my business, but could you consider refraining from whispering until this issue is somehow fixed?

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I wasn’t planning on replying with a whisper here. Hopefully I didn’t inadvertently mess up another thread for you. I have been using this new feature to mainly reply silently to posts that did not receive a response or did not need a response. This removes them from search results generated by a script I’m using to hopefully prevent posts from being missed entirely after 3 or 4 days. In this particular thread, there are a bunch of posts so it wouldn’t fall into this category.

@sam I’ve read through this thread and it sounds like the needed features would be for whisper posts to:

  • Not count as public replies
  • Not be listed as unread replies
  • Make sure @ mentions work for staff in whispers

Maybe some of this already works… I’m unsure, just trying to consolidate what I think the main issues are here.

Agreed, currently it is a PITA… --Mitch

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I was just too happy about whispering, I will refrain now.