New phenomenon - wrong topic

Don’t know if this is happening to anyone else - just started happening here today…

I click on one of the new or unread items in the bottom list and it shows me the correct thread title, but under it the wrong thread… Very odd… See screenshot below, the thread is obviously not what the title says…

??? --Mitch

I’ve never seen that. Can you reproduce on or

Nope - not happenin’ there… --Mitch

If you have a repro here, I’ll take it too :wink:

I have seen this before but not sure how to reproduce, are you able to make this happen consistently?

This only started happening to me today and only on McNeel Discourse… I can reproduce it here every time though… Just click on one of the topocs in the lower box that has new and unread… The correct title comes up at the top, but the thread remains the same - last one you were looking at…


What browser are you on? Can you try a different browser to see if this is browser specific?

That WAS on Firefox, but after a restart this morning, it’s back to normal. I’ll let you know where/when I see this again… Thx, --Mitch