Unrecognized objects on Grasshopper


I have been using the Rhino 6 for Mac Evaluation for a month, and it was working all fine. Until today, when i open up rhino, it asked me for an update. And after updating… all the components and objects are missing… please advise.

Hi Nicole-

Did you get this sorted out?

If not, can you please type in the _ValidateLicense, validate, and then restart Rhino? Does that help?

Hi @nicolelaurenlee,

I recently found an issue with Grasshopper when trying to show conflicting plugins or user objects installed that might be related to this problem. I created a YT issue here to fix it.

In the meantime, I suggest looking at what you have installed in your system to ensure there are no conflicts. You can find the folder the plugins are loaded from by using the GrasshopperFolders command and clicking “User Objects” and “Components”.

Hope this helps!

This should be fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate for 6.19.