Issues with latest GH version (0.9.0076): user object was not created because base type object is missing

This issue was also brought up in the posts: Ladybug Installation Problems and Grasshopper Python Issue from the previous GH forum, but I am encountering the same problem currently when another person uses my custom UserObjects despite using the latest GH release.

She is using a previous Rhino 5 SR (EDITED) with GH v0.9.0076. This error appears when she tries to drag and drop any GhPython component, including the empty Python one or any of my custom UserObjects:

We have tried the following (these did not work):

  1. Unblocking GhPython Assembly
  2. Reinstalling the latest build of GhPython Assembly and putting it in the right Special Folder

However, when we downloaded and installed a previous version (0.5.001 or something similar, it was the one before the latest release in Feb 2017), the problem was resolved. This also appears to have been the best solution as discussed in the forum posts.

Could anyone (@piac, perhaps) shed some light on what is happening and how to resolve the issue with the latest GH version? Is it something we can fix on our end or is this a recurring issue with v0.9.0076?

This only happens on this particular person’s computer and not on other computers. She is using a Windows 10, if that helps any.

“She is using the latest Rhino 5 SR9”

The latest is SR14, not sure if that matters but SR14 cleared many custom component bugs for me when I updated.

Whoops, my mistake. I think that may be the issue (she’s not using the latest SR), will update when I get more info.

Yeah, that is likely the root of the problem, because all different GhPython used a few different internal calls into Rhino, to execute scripts.