Unparent model for export to Cinema 4D

Hi, I’m using Rhino for Mac for the very first time. I have been supplied with a .STP file by the client and need to bring it into Cinema 4D. There are over 200 parts to this model and when I export it as an Lightwave file they are all exported as one mesh, which is a huge problem as I need to have exploded views of the object. One solution is to select each part individually but this is taking a long time to do. Does anyone know a solution? I imported the CAD file into 3DS Max and worked out how to unparent it there but cant find a solution in Rhino.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:


Try ExplodeBlock, will (All Blocks) checked.

Thanks for your reply - that has seperated the object, thank you :smile:
The only problem I have now is exporting it as a lightwave format without it being just one mesh. I dont suppose you know how to do that do you?

If you select the object in Rhino does it select them all at the same time? If so. try the Explode command.

The Lightwave format is a very basic export filter. As Cinema also supports .obj I would first try out this option.

Hi Jordy1989, thanks for your reply. I’ve managed to break it apart using the explode command but now when I export it as a Lightwave object it is always just one mesh. When I export it as an OBJ the file sizes are huuuuuge.

Found this on a Cinema 4D forum. Maybe try this in Cinema 4D: go to Mesh > Conversion > Polygon Groups to Objects
or Mesh > Commands > Disconnect

This largely depends on your meshing settings, not on the format itself. Dial in the values you have set in the Lightwave Exporter and see if that helps.

Although obj is text, which will tend to make larger files than other formats that do not use text. Dunno about .lwo.