"Unloading" a reference, a-la AutoCad

Simply put - is there a way to “unload” an xref, essentially the same way that AutoCad does this? I have some large references in my working file that are unneccessary 95% of the time, but do need to be checked for coordination periodically. I’ve got their layer turned off and locked, but it would be helpful to me if there is a way to unload/reload them similar to how AutoCad does it, to improve my lag time > speed up my modeling…


Hi BeeCee- one way out might be to use ReplaceBlock to temporarily substitute a point object or something for the problematic blocks, and ReplaceBlock back again when you need them.


If you are using worksessions, you might look into the LimitReferenceModel command. The Rhino help file has the details.

Unfortunately I have not implemented worksessions into our workflow, so thay may not work this time.

Pascal - so you’re saying duplicate the file and delete all but 1-2 pieces of geometry to save as a dummy file? That could work, will give it a shot. Much appreciated.

Hi BeeCee - make a block from say, a point, and maybe some text that has the name of the block to replace (to make it easier to switch back when the time comes).

Select one of the complex blocks and start ReplaceBlock. At the prompt for

Select instance using desired block definition ( SelectFromBlockDefinitionList ):

either pick the point block or select from the definition list (i.e.no instances need to actually be in the file to be able to use it as a reaplcement).

When you want the serious block back again, reverse the process.

Any luck?