BlockManager - Cannot remove block reference from file

As indicated in earlier posts about Worksession problems, blocks (well, block references) are also difficult to remove, and sometimes impossible to remove. here’s yet another example of that:

How to remove this block reference?

Also in this case the unremovable dangling references are not cleaned up by dedicated cleaning commands (like Purge etc).

Suggestion: Removing Block Definitions (on Purge) could be completed with an option for removing Block References as well.

010 Buggy Block (Wheel).3dm (129.6 KB)

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - no block definitions in this file as posted - I assume when you close and re-open it you also see none?


Yes, I see that now. Hm.

But I still expect cleanup commands to update the model in runtime… :wink: (wasted an hour on this as well)

// Rolf