Unknown command: _RemoveEdge

Where is my preferit command Removeedge?

This message from rhino 6 last release.
Unknown command: _RemoveEdge

Thank you.


the command has changed - ReplaceEdge now

thank you

@mikko can we make a built-in alias for RemoveEdge?

Hi Brian,

Is that not only adding clutter to the nomenclature?
I understand the need for backward compatibility, but changing the command name (probably for good reasons) only to add an alias with the old name…
For translated versions how would that be handled?

How about creating a build in alias RemoveEdge that calls a script like the one below"

import rhinoscriptsyntax
rhinoscriptsyntax.MessageBox('RemoveEdge command is depricated. \n The same functionality can be found in the new command:\n\n  _ReplaceEdge')



We’ve had built-in aliases in Rhino for ages. They don’t auto-complete, so they don’t clutter things up. For example: Elmo.

For people that remember it and use it, it works. For everyone else, there’s Rebuild.

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@brian, this is done. In a near future WIP typing RemoveEdge will run ReplaceEdge.