SlideEdge - "Unknown command" message

I try WIP 7 and I really love SubD functions, but using the command SlideEdge receive the “Unknown command” message.

Thank you,
Francesco Zironi

I guess it’s know called slide.

Thank you - typing “slide” command works But did not work the “SlideEdge” command Icon.
Updating to the latest release fixes the problem.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Seems to be back again. Also noted here:

I’m on Work In Progress (7.0.20126.10465, 05/05/2020)

It is _ Slide now, not SlideEdge. Maybe reset your toolbar? (_ToolbarReset)

Yeah that did it :grinning: - hmm. I always thought the toolbars just reset themselves with every new WIP, given I always have to load in custom options/aliases again…

No, you have to reset the toolbar manually every time a new WIP is installed, to be sure you have the latest toolbar.