Sub d slide edge "unknown command "

HI There

I dont know what is wrong but on the latest RH7 WIP when i try to launch SlideEDGE command from sub d menu or simply by typing it the command is not recognized


Can it be fixed ? this is a useful command



Run _ToolbarReset, then close and reopen Rhino. It will fix it.

This glitch happens with WIP updates occasionally for various commands. I’m not sure exactly how it happens, maybe when they update the command or when they update the button?

Hi Max -

It’s not a glitch. When we make changes to toolbars we don’t automatically overwrite a user’s toolbar. The reason for this is that users frequently modify default toolbars without saving these under a new name. If we were to overwrite these toolbars, all modifications would be lost. During the WIP phase of development, you should expect changes to the interface and commands and running ToolbarReset will often be needed.

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Ah. Makes sense. I guess you can’t overwrite individual buttons?

That’s correct. They are saved in one file.

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hi dear Wim and Max and sorry for late feedback but i have been out of town. i tried to run ToolbarReset command but the problem remain.

never had this problem before , i wonder if the problem may depend on the fact that i am still running rhino on WIN 7…i never had this problem on this pc

tomorrow i wil test my other license running win10 at work to see if it has same problem.



SlideEdge command was changed to just Slide in latest WIP.


Thanks Michael ,

I have manually fixed the toolbar , the old command was still inside the shortcut

it now works :slight_smile: