VA 2.4.1 drawing depth

(Jari) #1

Hi, after the new version install, my walls are disappearing as I zoom in.
It´s like the drawing depth is cutting them off. If I explode them to normal rhino objects they work normally.

Also cut/paste to new VA template makes them giant. (both files are in mm)
Something changed on how they set up units?


(Francesc Salla) #2

Hi Jari,
These issues have been fixed in VisualARQ 2.4.2. Find attached the links to download it here:
VisualARQ 2.4.2 for Rhino 5 32bit:
VisualARQ 2.4.2 for Rhino 5 64bit:
VisualARQ 2.4.2 for Rhino 6:

Please let me know if any of them persist.

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(Jari) #3

Thank you so much, all seems well now.

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