VA 2.4.1 drawing depth

Hi, after the new version install, my walls are disappearing as I zoom in.
It´s like the drawing depth is cutting them off. If I explode them to normal rhino objects they work normally.

Also cut/paste to new VA template makes them giant. (both files are in mm)
Something changed on how they set up units?

Hi Jari,
These issues have been fixed in VisualARQ 2.4.2. Find attached the links to download it here:
VisualARQ 2.4.2 for Rhino 5 32bit:
VisualARQ 2.4.2 for Rhino 5 64bit:
VisualARQ 2.4.2 for Rhino 6:

Please let me know if any of them persist.

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Thank you so much, all seems well now.

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