Unistall V6wip and reinstall on different drive?

I need to uninstall the wip because I have don’t have enough space on c: drive anymore got a small sds thinking it would suffice, problem is in this great and advanced day and age many programs I use won’t allow installs on other drives. I want to remove the wip and reinstall on e: drive I want all the libraries etc there too not on c:, possible. Is it as easy as uninstall-reinstall?

Hi Roland - if you re-install, poke the gear button on the Install Now to get some options:


Hi Pascal,
That doesn’t work, first off no browse for folder comes up so I created a folder on e:rhino wip and wrote the path in the installer but it defaulted to C: anyway
I guess I’ll remove and try again. Also I don’t want anything from McNeel on c: at all I don’t want Rhino to put or download anything there I guess this is going to be a problem with the auto updater and where the downloaded files are loaded. this is really a bummer like other programs are becoming this defaulting to c: and not letting users decide where to put things.

Ok I give up this keeps insisting to be on c: drive argh what a waste of time.

Pascal @pascal sorry about the grumpiness I tried all the suggestions but it still installs on c:.
Thanks for the quick reply any hints on this or what’s going on maybe an admin thing?