Uninstall WIP

I have 2 versions of Rhino 7 WIP installed. Running uninstall in Windows 10 has no effect. What should I do?


Hi Dennis - I had something similar and I was directed to


The grim truth is that I do not remember the details… But I did end up getting it fixed. I’ll see if I can find out more.


Thanks Pascal. Unfortunately the tool could not find the WIP program.


Thanks Pascal. Unfortunately no luck.


Can you offer any ideas on this?
Do we have a Wiki page like we do for V4 and V5?

Hello @dmoyes - Do you get an error message when you try to remove the Rhino WIP installations? If so, can you please send me a screen shot?

No. The installation just stops. I get the pop up asking if I want to let McNeel make changes to my computer then nothing happens. The WIP version number is 7.0.20035.14285 if that helps.

I found the attached log file after the aborted install,=.
Rhino_WIP_20200629135706.txt (3.6 KB)

That’s a very old version of Rhino WIP - early February 2020. Can you please try installing the latest one from https://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino-for-windows/wip


I have the latest one installed as well.

I see, so the problem here is that you see both installed in Add/Remove programs? Unfortunately, once you use the “Microsoft Fixit Tool” it leaves behind the Add/Remove program entries. They’re hidden away in Windows somewhere, and I can never remember where to find them.