Union of two coplanar intersecting surfaces

what I’m doing currently is:

  • split one surface using the other
  • remove the “intersecting part”
  • join the non intersecting surfaces into a polysurface
  • _MergeAllFaces

Is there a way to do this in one click only? Like “Unite” in Adobe Illustrator?

Thank you in advance.

Assuming the surfaces are planar everywhere and coplanar:

  • DupBorder the surfaces
  • CurveBoolean the border curves
  • PlanarSrf the resulting curve

Another method assuming the surfaces are planar everywhere and coplanar:

  • BooleanUnion
  • MergeAllFaces

In V6, CurveBoolean has an option to output surfaces, so David’s first method is 2 steps, rather than 3.

Thank you for your answers!! I’m going to try them in a few hours in my class. Wonder if that works on flat surfaces only, or any coplanar surfaces (my understanding of the word “coplanar” might be wrong :smile:)

Coplanar definitely implies “flat”