Boolean problem

Hi everybody, I’m a new user of Rhino. I go straight to the point, I would like to boolean union the two closed polysurfaces in the picture

I’m sure they intersect.
Does anyone has a suggestion? Thank you in advance.

  1. Standard answer: Run the INTERSECT command on the polysurfaces you want to boolean union. The result does not produce closed curves it is never going to union.

  2. Sometimes things just won’t boolean union. In such cases, use the SPLIT command A with B and B with A then use the JOIN command (and discard the intersecting surfaces).

bigjimslade thank you for answering and most of all resolve my problem. I did the intersect and i was having both one closed curve and also some other lines. Anyway the second point worked for me. Thank you so much.


You might want to ask yourself the question why you want to boolean it, sometimes joining or grouping is a better option. Boolean makes later alterations more difficult.

Thank you maxz, I thought that boolean was the fastest and easiest way. From now on I’ll try to not use it.