Unfolding maze cube for metal fabrication

I’ve been trying to unfold/unroll a maze cube to show how this object can be built in real life, but I’ve tried for days now and cannot find any tutorials or luck with it. I believe I need to use “unrollbrep”, but not sure how and where. My file is linked below, and an image of what I mean by “unfold”.

Maze_Cube.gh (29.1 KB)

Try thisFab tools

You wanted a maze per face of the cube (6 mazes) and then you choose to make 1 maze. Is it your intend ? It will be difficult to choose where to cut the maze in order to have no free/flying parts.

I advise you to make like in first post on this subject and like I did, Maze each face of the cube (a brep transformed in mesh in my example). Offset the path with Clipper, as I did. You can project these curves on the cube then unfold it (Open Nest). I try it and it works.

At the end with dashed folding lines, it could gives that

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