Choose seam for unroll brep

I am wondering if anyone can help me unroll this polysurface from a specific edge. I would like to do this in grasshopper because i need to do it to 651 similar but unique objects. I’d like to choose the ede with the smallest angle because it will use CNC Mitre folded construction with 1/8 inch material and this will give me the largest contact surface to glue the seam together. I suppose I could use the rhino command unjoinedge on all 651 pieces but It seems like there might be an easier way with grasshopper. also the polysurfaces are created with GH so i’d rather do it pre bake.
Im attaching a simple file and an image for reference.

thanks for any help !

help choosing seam to unroll.3dm (224.4 KB)

Hi @mtdelucia, something like below ? (bake to see the unjoined edge) (12.7 KB)



OMG this works perfectly! I wish i knew the first thing about python. I think a lot of people would be interested in this functionality. there are a lot of unroll tools but ive never seen one that will allow you to pick the starting seam. Thank you so much!.

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