Unroll 3D panels

Hi, I’m a beginner of Grasshopper and I have a question:

So I have a mesh of 3 different units of equilataral triangles (see picture)

  • red = 5 equilateral triangles around one vertice
  • blue = 6 equilateral triangles around one vertice

Afterwards, I made hollow triangles and thickened them (using Weaverbird). The purpose is now to extract each 3D hollow triangle and place it on a plane.
image image
I tried using Unroll & I turned the mesh into brep by using Surface Boundary, see script below.

But it doesn’t work as I only get faces as output. (see picture below) Does anyone know how to do it - a plugin - or a script? I would be very thankful if someone can help me!

FILE: unroll.gh (27.8 KB)

I just discovered Orient, which would be easy to use. But then, I need first the seperated triangles… :frowning: