Unfold multiple meshes, help with Ivy

Hi there, I’m new to this forum and to grasshopper as well and I need your help with my model. I need to build this model of paper so what I need to do is to unfolld each of the figures adding flaps and ideally some tags to the base part of each figure to help me identify its possition when assembling the whole panel.


I had a go with Ivy but all I can do is unroll a single mesh. That’s great but I’m sure there is a way of unrolling all of the figures in one go.
Also, is there a way of changing the cutline for the unroll? Currenltly flaps are added to the base of my figure but I’d like tchem to be added to the sides.

1.3dm (3.0 MB)
1.gh (21.1 KB)

Do you mean breps or meshes? There are a few plug-ins that unfold breps - TTTools, Lunchbox, Fab tools. Maybe check out these too as they are all slightly different.

I suspect if you split the brep along the edge you want to control, that will determine how it unfolds. But depending on the original geometry, you may get overlapping patterns OR you will need to split the geomtry (and join the paper).