Brep unfold for fabrication

Hello experts !
am trying to unfold a brep for fabrication well half of the unfold works proper
i tried to use lunch box, pufferfish and open nest plugins for unroll all give me same result
how can i fix this trying to figure out the basic concept of unfold


single panel (15.6 KB)

Hi @rajeev.rajagopalacha,

I doesn’t work because you work way too far off the origin - to be exact 127444.777 document units away -, which produces tolerance issues (and is generally a bad idea in CAD).
What you can do in your case is, move your geometry - in a non-destructive way - to the origin, and unroll it there.

It’s not perfect! There are some intersections, but that’s up to you to fix. :wink:

single panel unfold (19.7 KB)


Thanks !
that make sense far object may cause error
well unfolded single piece development is not coming properly !

Hi -

You didn’t show this result that is wrong - I opened your file in Grasshopper in the current Rhino 7 version in a “Small Objects - millimeters” template and that seems to have worked fine without any modifications to your Grasshopper definition.


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hi yes here is the attached screen shot i did this manually