Unexpected Screen Capture Behaviour


It’s been so long since I’ve come across a bug in rhino but he’s a new one.

With Pen display mode on, I captured to clipboard a viewport. When pasting to an outlook email the dimensions all come through as yellow. The dimensions are red in the rhino viewport via their layer properties. The dims were not selected.

What happens next is also odd. Changing back to wireframe display mode, capture to clipboard, paste, now the pasted image is of pen mode, but with the dimensions the correct (red) colour…how odd is that!

And now, changing back to pen display mode, capture, the pasted image is now of the wireframe display (with red dims).


Hi Nick- is this from ViewCaptureToClipboard, or Ctrl-C ?



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I’ve been getting this often in the past week, too, with ViewCaptureToFile. It will capture the view one step behind. The workaround I’ve found is to select something (a point I place out of view), and then it will properly capture the current view.

I’m getting the same on Rhino5 and I get right color on screenshot after a pair of tries without any change in Rhino.
I’m using quite often the feature at job so would be nice to have it fixed.

Hi - which service release of Rhino 5 are you running?

Versione 5 SR14 64-bit
(5.14.522.8390, 22/05/2017)

Usually the quotes appear yellow (as selected) when I paste on any image editor or Outlook mail body but on Rhino viewport they are black.

Could you try updating your drivers for your GPU? From another thread about this problem, that sounded like it might have solved the problem.
Perhaps @jeff has more tips…

Does this happen using the command line version of the command?

Run -_ViewCaptureToClipboard enter

To me, it sounds like the dialog version has got some kind of caching messed up.


Hi all, after some time I must say it still persist.
Drivers updated several times and also tried direct console command as suggested.
Same result.
To fix I have to move a bit the camera and zoom than I can take the screenshot again.