Delay in ViewCapturetoFile

I am trying to use ViewCapturetoFile to speed up my workflow instead of screenshotting. However, there is a long delay in the view that it exports, meaning that it exports a view that I had opened a minute or two before. Anyone else having this issue and knows how to resolve it?

What viewport mode are you using to create a screenshot of?

Any elevation viewport, so Right, Left, Back etc. And I’m doing it in Rendered mode.

I remember this issue coming up a long time ago. I tried searching for it but couldn’t find it. Just to be sure, which version of Rhino are you running? Just post the result of the Rhino SystemInfo in an answer here.

Thanks for your responses. Systeminfo as follows:

Version 5 SR14 64-bit
(5.14.522.8390, 05/22/2017)

Update: It now returns fully black images.