Unexpected Distortion Using Sporph

I am trying to use sporph to bend a repeating strip of geometry into a circle. Even though the original geometry is evenly spaced, it ends up not_quite evenly spaced after the sporph. I have attached a simplified version of the script, showing this problem. The script creates a series of evenly spaced lines and finds the union bounding box. The script then draws 2 circles and loft them. (The geometry I actually need to bend is more complicated, but this shows the issue.)
Compared to a circular array, the sporphed lines are sometimes in the correct spot, sometimes ahead, and sometimes behind where they should be. 4 and 8 divisions work, but not any other numbers as far as I can tell.
Any insight in how to fix this would be appreciated.

sporph_test_simplified_21-0925.gh (31.8 KB)

if you rebuild your circles to degree 3 curves (for example with 16 control points), the lines will align perfectly.

Bingo. Thank you very much. For anyone else showing up here, I had to change degree count AND control point number. Changing one fixed the spacing problem, but left the circles lumpy. Changing both fixed the problems and kept the circles round.