Sporph grasshopper not working

How i can sporph the beam structures to be in straight line. Picture below shows the unstraight beam structures

And i want the result to be like this:

My Problem in this result is that the Sporph is changing the original dimension of the beams and also the spacing between them. Can you help me please!

Heres the files internalized
test.3dm (3.4 MB) test.gh (569.0 KB)

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Because your base polyline has additional kinks between the corner points, so, your base surface extrusion has a different U&V domain space with your target surface.
Just matching the whole length won’t solve the problem. You should follow the segment length according to the kink positions.

test_re20190801.gh (576.4 KB)


Thanks a lot, for some reason i was blind to control points issue. :slight_smile: